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Equine First Aid

First Aid Kit for Trail Riding:
  • non-stick pads
  • cast padding or diapers for bandage padding and absorbancy
  • gauze squares
  • QuickClot” Combat Gauze - http://www.z-medica.com
  • vetwrap (aka petflex, coflex)
  • small hemostat
  • silver cream or triple antibiotic ointment
  • benadryl for dogs and people (dose = approximately 1mg per pound i.e. 50lb dog gets 50 mg)
  • elastikon
  • duct tape
  • knife or leatherman
  • saline eye wash
  • iodine
  • large syringe (60cc)
  • banamine paste (use for colic or eye injuries - consult with your veterinarian)
  • bute paste (use for bruises, sprains, or cuts - consult with your veterinarian)
  • electrolyte paste or powder (use during strenuous activites and for tying up)

General wound treatment tips:

Rinse wounds with plenty of water or saline to remove dirt and debris.

If available, dilute iodine at least 1:30 with water (to a weak tea color) and flush wound.

Use saline eye wash or specific ophthalmic medications only in eyes.

Excessive bleeding
If available, use “Quickclot” Combat Gauze directly in the wound to help control bleeding (use as directed on packaging)

If you can see blood coming from a specific vein, clamp it off with the hemostats

Use a towel, shirt or pack of gauze to apply direct pressure.

Use plenty of cast padding or diaper and wrap tightly with vetwrap.  If blood oozes through bandage, apply more bandage material on top of the existing bandage - do not remove as this disrupts any clot that may have started.

If available, stand horse in a creek or apply cold, wet towels to wound area and over back/neck.  Lowering their body temperature will help slow bleeding.

Only use a tourniquet as a last resort.


Veterinarian Victor Driggs Tetonia Felt Idaho